BTCTC: The From Bars To Bitcoin Project Ep 1
Ep. 01

BTCTC: The From Bars To Bitcoin Project Ep 1

Episode description

In this introductory podcast, you will hear our Co-Founder and Executive Director Justin Rhedrick (@bitcoin_vegan), author of From Bars to Bitcoin, discuss the following topics:

· The mission of the Bitcoin Transformation Community (BTCTC)

· The purpose of our From Bars To Bitcoin Reentry Tour initiative

· The content and plans for the podcast

We are breaking chains, transforming lives, and unlocking freedom, one Bitcoin lesson at a time.

If you find value in what we’re doing at BTCTC, we’d love for you to donate to our mission and initiatives:

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Note: If you have Bitcoin experience/knowledge and would like to teach in prisons with us, message us through our site here.