Explicit From Bars To Bitcoin EP 5: Feat Jay Dan Gumm, Forgiven Felons
Ep. 05

From Bars To Bitcoin EP 5: Feat Jay Dan Gumm, Forgiven Felons

Episode description

In this episode of From Bars To Bitcoin we have Jay Dan Gumm, a formerly incarcerated citizen who served time in the Texas Department of Justice Correctional System.

In our discussion with Jay he shares his journey of what led him to prison, what his big breakthrough moment was that led him to never return, and what drove him to open Forgiven Felons, a transitional home for men returning from prison.

He also shares how he pivoted from investing in crypto to becoming a full-on Bitcoiner, like many of us. Finally, he discusses the experience Forgiven Felon residents had from our From Bars To Bitcoin Reentry Workshop.

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